Combat dunk: Agility or objects?

Object-Oriented Programming and the principles it promotes make a big difference in creating large scale, maintainable code. It allows developers to design and write code in more productive ways than were possible with procedural languages. The same happens with the agile methodologies; agile is a set of methodologies which share development values. Trying to be […]

Somebody toucha my spaghet!

A code review is a process in which the dev team checks up an implementation to come up with ideas on how to enhance it, or maybe refactor it, discovering possible bugs, architecture errors, missing test cases and several things that may happen. Now, you should be wondering: why in the hell someone else has […]

Use cases not only to store things

The most difficult part of any software project is to get what the client wants. Every mind is a whole different world, and this could cause miscommunication problems or giving something by understood without having in mind the discrepancies between the developer and client ideas. Thus, the engineers had to manage to find some way […]

Unifying Anything

At the beginning, when God brought software to the world, the IT crowd started to create big and complicated systems. But there was a problem; due to the lack of uniformity, the project in development could be compared to a tangled spaghetti because of every aspect but the code. Thus, Some crazy computer people started […]

Everything is born to die.

After this nihilist title, i’m about to tell you something that you may be not conscious about. As a software student, i have been involved in many projects. Most of them are for educative purposes, but in some cases, i enrolled in some commercial solutions. Thanks to previous experiences, I can assure you that following […]